Pensiunea Delia

pensiunea delia

Choosing HOSTEL  DELIA***, besides accomodation benefit in the best conditions and in a great ambient space, consisting of a park. equipped with its own pavilion, swings, outdoor barbecue, pond with waterfall, water mill and ornamental fishes.


Will also offer:

  •     Free parking, 24h video surveillance.
  •     Free  taxi orders.
  •     Kitchen access and outdoor grill.
  •     Bar, where you can serve coffee, tea, beer, wine, juices.
  •     Free local telephone, Xerox., fax, e-mail.
  •      Wireless internet.
  •      Discretion.
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Cazare Timisoara

Cazare Timisoara
Cazare Arad   |   Cazare Oradea